The Sun Is Destroying Us All

by Moat

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Originally released by Black Flame Records on CD in 2005.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered the throughout the years 2001 to 2004 at Mystical Bog Studios.
All lyrics and music by Warharan.
Cover painting by James Almanzar.
Layout by additional artwork by Lindsay A. Kerr:


released July 1, 2005

Warharan - All instruments and vocals



all rights reserved


Moat Los Angeles, California

Bringing you today's Black Metal... yesterday, since 1996.

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Track Name: The Knight's Return
Upon the battlefield
In the darkness of time
A warrior emerges to lay waste
With his sword in his hand
His bravery is only left to stand

Upon the battlefield
He calls the dark forces
Summoning demons and spirits
He is out to create a world of evil
A world of darkness upon this medieval land

Treachery, bravery, treachery, bravery
Call it what you will

Treachery, bravery, treachery, bravery
The Knight will...

Treachery, bravery, treachery, bravery
Call it what you will

Treachery, bravery, treachery, bravery
Kill kill kill!

The demons have been summoned
They cast their grim shadow
Let havoc reign forever
Upon the castles bellow
Leave no mercy for the light
Leave nothing good in sight

Fire and brimstone
Chaos and carnage
Rape and pillage

Fire and brimstone
Chaos and carnage
Rape and pillage

Ominous skies loom above
History shall be changed forever
Thoughts of darkness won't leave his head
He leaves nothing for the better
Evil shall rule the land
So join him and take his hand
Soon it shall be time to learn
The Knight has returned
Track Name: As Moonlight Glows Over Murky Waters
The night's splendor
The castle's reflection
The drawbridge at attention
Moonlight glows over murky waters

As newt and bat are in fury
So shall be all
The creatures of the night
So big and so small

I summon upon thee
To misguide the light
I summon upon thee
To bring in the night

This moat brings power
To this dark castle
A fortress bellow
The ominous moonlight
Its mysterious glow

This moat brings evil
To this grim castle
A stone structure
Upon a hidden enclave
To trap its next prey

I summon upon thee
To misguide the light
I summon upon thee
To bring in the night

As the night begins to lose
The light withers away
There shall be no more moonlight
However, it shall return tomorrow to stay!
Track Name: Woodspirits Of The Night
Hear their calls
Fear them
For they are not what they seem

Just across the valley
In a far off hidden land
Deep in the forest
They may ask to take your hand

For Woodspirits they are
The night draws them out
The darkness they need
Fear them for terror they bring

You must not trust them
For their magic is to do ill
Their enchantment is false
For blood they must spill

For Woodspirits they are
In the darkness they dwell
For you might believe they're from heaven
For they are truly from hell
Track Name: Thirteen
Across the vast woods
Deep in the darkness of flora
Thirteen castles stand high
Built to open a gate of fear
The gate to the thirteenth dimension

Grim disease
Vast destruction
Total siege
Complete darkness

Demons rise through the porthole
Ominous visions pour upon the mystic night
Thirteen ominous warriors emerge
To conquer the light

Goblins amongst us
Demons in the shadows

Trolls spread
Trolls multiply

Thirteen dragons enter
Fire across the land
This is the beginning of the end
As the hourglass contains sand
Their time is over
Track Name: A Troll Lead Me To My Demise
As I walk through the bleak forest of time
I see a troll chanting a rhyme
Upon my approach, he doesn't seem to mind

What is the matter if I may ask
The time has come for you to pass....

I continue the journey with my new friend
Where we are going will surely not be the end
My thoughts wander into the evermist
On this dark night, doom sits...

Pay homage to the ancients he tells me
What may come of this night will surely be
How can I trust... How can I see...
...In to the sea of my life

Our travels continue...
For where I do not know
We come upon a stream within the trees
Its path curves for I cannot see

Where will this water take me
I fear salvation for eternity

The troll explains it is my time
Forsaken to anguish is so divine
The journey of a grim demise
Under the guise of fear

All is black
This is the end of my life

A troll led me to my demise
Track Name: The Sun Is Destroying Us All
As I walk through the night
As I walk under the stars
As I walk through the mist
The light fades away

Upon the night
The light must fade
Through the forest I quest

I come upon a nook
What spleandors await
For what light only passes
The Sun is destroying us all

I am who I hate
I feel the warmth no more

I am who I love
I feel the cold inside me grow

I am who who will reign
I feel the power in my soul

I am who will conquer
I feel no pity for those who toll

I walk through this land
For my life is bound here

I feel no pain
I am lost in paradise
Where shall I go now
At the end of my road

What life there is
Will be lost to the Sun

The Sun is destroying us all